Outdoor Lighting Repair and Services

If an outdoor lighting system is not properly maintained in a timely manner, many things can happen that adversely affect the look and the operation of the system. Landscape growth, changes, and damage from mowers and trimmers can take their toll over time.  Bulbs will also wear out over time, losing their initial intensity and color, until they completely stop working, often replaced by wrong choice of bulbs.  All bulbs have specific rated lives, so when one or two go out, the others are sure to follow shortly after.  For these reasons, and many others, we recommend a thorough annual maintenance plan every 12 months.

We service all existing systems.  Allow the professionals at Advanced to repair your existing lighting system.   We will bring your current system back to life.  Here are some of the services we offer:

  • Replace existing fixtures with new integral LED fixtures
  • Upgrade existing fixtures to LEDFree recommendations/consultations for changes or additions
  • Repair/replace cut wire
  • Bury exposed wires
  • Troubleshoot system
  • Check voltages and light output at fixtures with meters
  • Locate transformers and controls
  • Reset timers
  • Reinstall/relocate/redirect fixtures
  • Adjust fixtures to adapt to present landscape
  • Prune landscape as needed

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